Mailbox – How to ruin customer trust

And Dropbox continues its newfound quest to ruin itself.

It's Final -- Corn Ethanol Is Of No Use

Funny tidbit about diesel there as well. Never realised he diesel engine was meant to run on food oils.

"I Wish I Could Read Wikipedia Like This"

This would be awesome. And make you more aware of your ‘wikiception’ adventures at the same time.

The true value of Assassin’s Creed

"Assassin’s Creed is not a good game. I know this and I accept this. Infamous is not a good game. I know this, yet I want to get into a discussion with anyone else saying so. Still, it was that difference that made me realise the games were actually the same."

Articulated WFC Optimus Prime Papercraft Figure

It even has a waterma-… ehr, articulated paper fingers. Madness.

Crossroad of Realities – GTA V photo series

Screenshots of GTA V ‘captured’ through other screens.